Blubber Butt Page?

So I decided to create a new Page for Sir Blubber Butt, so that it would be easier for me to go yapping on about him in a more organized fashion. Also, I realize that I may have been posting too many photographs and videos of Blubber Butt on my Instagram page and Twitter… although in my defense, it’s not my fault he’s so adorable for a ball of fur… but okay. Here I go.

I don’t really know what a page is, but I’m hoping this is what I’d envisioned in my head though. I wouldn’t say I’m a dinosuar when it comes to advanced technology and stuff, but I’m definitely a baby mammoth. I’m not that bad, but I’m not good either. It feels as though I just flipped a coin and am waiting for it to land on my palm–I don’t know what to expect, and I don’t know if my subconscious has any expectations either, and I am slightly unnerved by this.

Alright, here I go.

Update: I actually managed to do it! I mean, it’s not what I had in mind, but it’s definitely better than the worst that I’d mentally prepared myself for, which was basically getting nada. I’m going to use this page section to post photographs of Blubber Butt (or BB, as we call him for short) though. I think it’s cooler that way. I found out that you can’t add tags to Pages, which is a huge bummer, and a small part of me hates that. Also, I tried downloading a plugin and it didn’t work because my blog is not .org, so…


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