Blubber Butt Adventures

I like scrolling through the pictures in my phone gallery whenever I get bored. And I think I may have discovered a brand new way to pass time: Editing images of Blubber Butt. My mother argued that this “past time” is proof that I need to “go and get a life,” but ahh I’m perfectly content with obsessing over my little ball of fur đŸ™‚


Blubber Butt the Furry Wizard looking slightly peeved because I’ve caught him conjuring up a potion that will grant him everlasting cuteness–the same cuteness he uses to get more food…


Blubber Butt on one of his fishing trips, dissatisfied with his catch.


Someone drank a little too much grape juice last night…


Bonjour and bon appetit! Zis eez Blubber Butt trying to be ze hamster Ratatouille.


Well, the whole Ratatouille culinary chef experience is pretty darned expensive… so…


Blubber Butt trying Shisha out! He looks pretty “out of it” though… there’s no weed in the hookah, is there?


Yes, hello, welcome to Jaws! How may I help you?




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